STCW Advisory 2015-12 Online Submission of Enrollment Report of Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs)

Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) STCW Advisory 2015-12 requiring the online submission of enrollment PRIOR to the commencement of each training courses, effective fifteen days after March 20, 2015, but was duly enforces as of the beginning of the training date April 28, 2015.

Due to this development, we are therefore compelled to make the following amendments to our procedures of enrollment-

1.  The trainee, upon enrollment, would sign on the enrollment report for the specific training course and its scheduled training period, which we are instructed to submit electronically to STCW Surveillance Division prior to the conduct of training.

2.  The MARINA has the following rules in the case of absences during training-

a.    fifty percent and below of the training period – to attend make-up class;

b.    more than fifty percent considered dropped.

However, we recommend that you enjoin your trainees to attend their training diligently, and not to incur absences.

3.  Thus, we would no longer be able to accommodate a trainee’s request to be put on waitlist  for an earlier schedule, in case, there would be an available slot because a trainee who has duly enrolled ahead, but was absent on the first day of training would still be able to attend on the following day and just attend a make-up class for her/his absence in order to complete her/his training.  Please see rules on absence per item 2.

4.  Since we would need to submit the enrollment report prior to training, we would require that the trainee(s) for which the client has requested for reservation for a specific date of training, with the payment of the Philippines Pesos: one thousand only (Php 1,000.00) reservation fee per trainee, and for the  trainee(s) to be enrolled charged to the client-Company’s account, to report to our training center on or before 0700 hours on the date reserve so that said trainee(s) would be duly processed for enrollment PRIOR to the training on the reserved date.  We would give a grace period  of until 0715 hours, otherwise, said trainee(s) would be scheduled for the next training  period of the particular training course.  There would be a roll-call from 0700 to 0715 hours for the trainee(s) with paid reservation(s) and with enrollment advisory to be charged to Company’s account.

5.  Furthermore, we urge our clients who have requested for the reservation of their trainees via telephone calls or SMS to inform said trainees to strictly observe the current system of enrolling AT LEAST TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE the training date.

The enrollment reports are filled-out by the trainees themselves as they have enrolled on a “first come, First served” basis, to complete the maximum number of twenty-four (24) students per class.  It would be highly irregular if we would submit to MARINA an enrollment report with blank spaces supposedly for these reservations via telephone calls or SMS, and the “reserve” trainee was not able to duly enroll

We are furnishing you the above information for your guidance. We strive to render the best service to our clients and to our trainees.  Please let us know if you have other concerns that we may have inadvertently overlooked, for our further study and improvement of our procedures.

for more info: Please click the following link:  Online Submission of Enrolment Report of Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs)