AIMS The IMO model course of Maritime English provides a guide for instructions responsible for teaching English.

The content of the course more than fulfills the English language requirements of Part A of the STCW Code 1995. Provided that the material is properly taught according to the principles of communicative methodology, which are explained in the Instructor’s Manual in Part D of this model course, trainees who complete all relevant aspects of the syllabus successfully will possess the level of competence in English set out by the STCW Code 1995.

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the IMO model course of Maritime English are to:

  1. Develop trainees’ ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas using English language peculiar to the seafaring profession;
  2. Teach basic Maritime English, as recommended in the English language guidelines of Part B – VI/I of the STCW Code 1995;
  3. Ensure that trainees possess the knowledge, understanding and proficiency in English set out in the STCW Code 1995;
  4. Give trainees wide – ranging opportunities to practice communicating in English for both maritime and general purposes;
  5. Provide instructors with a suggested framework for introducing selected topics from the Standard Marine Communication Phrases, as required by STCW 1995.
ENTRY STANDARDS At least a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering for Officers, or at least a high school graduate and well-versed in English language.
Code No. of Days Room Starting Day
 MO/MR 3  808 Wednesday