This course covers the requirements for the Messman on board ship. Every trainee will undergo a progressive program on a strict lecture and demonstration basis. Trainees are also subject to a practicum which will be held at the last part of the training. This course covers general orientation on the roles of the steward department, menu knowledge, table service, bartending, housekeeping service, hygiene and sanitation.

OBJECTIVES On completion of this course, students will acquire knowledge and understanding and to some extent, skills in the performance of the duties of a messman on board ship. Student should be able to:

  • State the duties and responsibilities of a messman on board ship.
  • Perform required skills in the performance of the duties of a messman.
  • Explain how to maintain good relation with the guest and fellow seafarers.
  • Protect the marine environment and maintain good hygiene and sanitation on board ship.

There are no specific entry for the training in this course. The training is for prospective seafarers, who will serve as Messman steward on board ship.

Code No. of Days Room Starting Day
MM 2.5 412 Monday / Wednesday