Refresher Training for Basic Safety – PST & FPFF

OBJECTIVES Paragraph 3 of Section A-VI/1 provides that, Seafarers qualified in accordance with paragraph 2 in basic training shall be required, every five (5) years, to provide evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence, to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities listed in column 1 of tables A-VI/1-1 (Personal Survival Techniques) and A-VI/1-2 (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting)”

In other words, the 2010 STCW Amendments mandates that a seafarer who have earlier undertaken BST must undergo validation of his BST training (PST and FPFF modules only) every five (5) years. Regulation I/11 (Revalidation of Certificates) provides that in order to qualify for seagoing service, a seafarer is required at intervals not exceeding five (5) years, to:

.1 Meet the standards of medical fitness prescribed by Regulation I/9 (Medical Standards); and

.2 Establish continued professional competence with section A-I/11 of the STCW Code.

Paragraph 4 of section A-VI/1 states:

The following onboard training and experiences for maintaining the required standard of competence in the following areas shall be accepted:

.1 Personal Survival Techniques as set out in table A-VI/1-1:

.1.1 don a lifejacket;

.1.2 board a survival craft from the ship wearing a lifejacket;

.1.3 take initial actions on boarding a lifeboat to enhance chance of survival;

.1.4 stream a lifeboat drogue or a sea-anchor;

.1.5 operate survival craft equipment and

.1.6 operate location devices, including radio equipment;

.2 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting as set out in table A-VI/1-2:

.2.1 use self-contained breathing apparatus; and

.2.2 effect a rescue in smoke–filled space using a approved smoke – generating device aboard while wearing a breathing apparatus.”

Code No. of Days Room Starting Day
BTRF 2 Tuesday